Setting Up Your Hunt


For our guests that wish to fly out, commercial flights are available into Casper, Laramie, and Gillette, Wyoming, or Denver, CO., and Rapid City, SD.  Rental vehicles are available at any of these airports for your drive to your hunt destination.   As a rule, just a small economy car large enough to get you and your gear loaded in, is adequate, as it is all good highway and improved county road travel to our various hunt destinations.  If you plan to drive the entire trip or fly out and rent a vehicle at the airport, we will provide detailed maps and directions to your hunt destination or meeting point, well prior to your hunt.

Arrivals & Departures

We request that our guests arrive by 4:00 p.m. the afternoon before their scheduled hunt begins, at a pre-determined meeting point.  After meeting our guests, we usually go to the shooting range and check rifles/scopes. Then we head to camp and get everyone settled in before dinner that evening!  The hunt begins the following morning and is concluded by 12:00 p.m. on the last scheduled hunting day, to allow time for tracking, downed game retrieval from the field, and/or meat handling/processing, with departure from camp by 4:00 p.m. that afternoon.  Due to our booking schedule, we are unable to accommodate early arrivals or late departures from scheduled hunt dates.  We would be happy to recommend other lodging and dining facilities should you wish to spend more time in the area.  Likewise, we can make no fee or date adjustments for no-shows, late arrivals or early departures from previously booked dates.

Booking Terms

rough country outfitters 1We accommodate a very limited number of hunters each year and reservations should be made far in advance to secure your preferred dates. All bookings are on a first come, first served basis.  We require a deposit of $1000.00 per person to secure your hunt dates.  We will “pencil you in” on our schedule for up to a week, but no hunt is reserved and considered “booked” until deposits have been received by Rough County Outfitters.  License fees for the hunt booked will be due no less than 30 days prior to application deadlines.  A second payment towards the hunt booked will be due by April 15th, and the remaining balance owed on the hunt will be due and payable by August 15th, the year of the hunt. 

Licenses are readily available for most of our hunt areas.  However, if you have booked a single or combination species hunt, and are unsuccessful in drawing any license, your deposit will be refunded within 30 days of our notification. Or you may choose to leave your deposit to secure priority hunt dates for the following year at previously booked rates. Deposits are nonrefundable, if you have booked a combination species hunt and are successful in drawing any one license, but are unsuccessful in drawing other licenses. The hunt dates and fees may be adjusted to accommodate the species and license(s) drawn.  Withdrawn license applications do not constitute a failure to draw a license.  Deposits and/or licenses are not transferable to another person.  NO REFUNDS will be made once a license has been drawn, nor can we make refunds or adjustments for no-shows, late arrivals, early departures, or hunt cancellations within 30 days before application deadlines.  

Application & License

All Wyoming big game licenses for Elk, Deer and Antelope, are issued on an application/drawing basis.  A non-refundable application fee of $14.00 is included in the license fees for these species.  Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Turkey, Fishing and Archery Licenses, as well as Conservation Stamps, can be purchased anytime online or at any license selling agent in Wyoming.  We request that hunters booked with us have their application information and license fees to us no later than 30 days from application deadlines so we may personally review and submit the online application for our clients. Please contact us for current hunt information, booking forms, license fees, and application deadline information.  On-line information is also available from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, 5400 Bishop Blvd. Cheyenne, Wyoming. 82006.  PH: 307-777-4600, Web-site:

Non-Resident Application Deadlines & License Fees

Special Elk/Fishing Jan. 1-30 $1,238.00
Special Elk/Fishing w/ Preference Point Jan. 1-30 $1,290.00
Regular Elk/Fishing Jan. 1-30 $707.00
Youth Elk/Fishing Jan. 1-30 $290.00
Reduced Price / Left Over Cow Elk Jan. - August $302.00
Elk Preference Point Only July - October $52.00
Special Deer Jan. 1 – May 15 $677.00
Regular Deer Jan. 1 – May 15 $389.00
Youth Deer Jan. 1 – May 15 $125.00
Deer Preference Point Only July – October $41.00
Special Antelope Jan. 1 – May 15 $629.00
Regular Antelope Jan. 1 – May 15 $341.00
Youth Antelope Jan. 1 – May 15 $125.00
Antelope Preference Point Only July – October $31.00
Spring Black Bear Purchase Anytime $373.00
Mountain Lion Purchase Anytime $373.00
Merriam's Turkey Purchase Anytime $74.00
Archery License Purchase Anytime $73.00
Conservation Stamp Purchase Anytime $12.50


Got Preference Points?

Have you started buying/collecting your Wyoming Big Game Preference Points yet?  If you are planning on hunting big game in Wyoming anytime in the near future, it’s a must!  It’s never too late to start planning and purchasing your preference points to draw that “tag of a lifetime”!  The new system is working very well for sportsmen willing to pay a small price for a nearly guaranteed chance to draw a great Wyoming big game tag!  The application period for preference points only, is July thru October each year.  Call us for all the details about the preference point system and how it can work for you!   In fact, if you would like Rough Country Outfitters to manage your preference points for you, just give us a call and we will get you started!

Trophy Care, Meat Processing & Taxidermy

After a successful hunt we will expertly field dress and field cape your trophy for you.  Meat processing is available locally.  Processing fees vary from $150.00 for antelope or deer, up to $350.00 for elk, depending on the size / species of the animal and customer requests.  If you do not wish to take your meat with you, arrangements can be made for people in need to receive it. However, under Wyoming state law, the hunter is still responsible to pay for the basic processing fees before donation.

Top quality taxidermy work is available locally, from our skilled and highly recommended taxidermists.  We recommend that hunters, particularly those that are flying out for their hunt, leave their trophies with our taxidermist to ensure the safe keeping of the cape and horns.  After completion, the trophy mounts can then be shipped to the hunter in safe, sturdy crates.  Taxidermy information, rates / fees available upon request, anytime. 

Big Game Hunters Suggested Equipment

rough country outfitters 2Fall weather conditions in Wyoming can range from shirt sleeve temperatures to downright cold.  Well planned packing will add to the success and enjoyment of your hunt.  We suggest that you bring all that you need to be comfortable, but no more than is necessary. Soft sided duffel bags are best for all purpose packing.  If you are driving out, you may consider bringing meat coolers along, to take your meat home in.  A complete equipment inventory check-list will be included in all booking / reservation packets, and can be seen on our web-site anytime. 

For our RIFLE HUNTERS we recommend a flat shooting, bolt action rifle. Good caliber choices for hunting Wyoming’s big game would be .270, .280, .30-06, 7mm, 300 win. or 300 Ultra Mag.  Most importantly, bring what you are very familiar with and shoot well!  We suggest the use of a good variable scope, bipods or shooting sticks, and the heaviest grain bullets that your rifle will group well with.  Rifles should be sighted dead-on at 200 yards, being prepared to shoot to 300 yards.  Wyoming law states that you must wear a fluorescent orange vest and/or cap.

For our BOWHUNTERS we recommend bows with draw weights of 60 pounds or more.  Sharp, fixed blade, cut-on-contact broad-heads such as a Muzzy or Montec, with a minimum cutting width of one inch must be used.  Mechanical or open-on-impact broad-heads are NOT recommended!  Good camouflage patterns for Wyoming are the lighter broken patterns such as Woodland, A.S.A.T., Predator, Open Country Sage, Real-Tree Advantage Max-1 or light colored Real-Tree AP, Sitka Gear, or Kuiu.  We suggest the use of scent shield or similar scent eliminating products for all archery hunters.

What To Bring

Good sleeping bag
Rated to 0* F. You may also want a pillow. Sleeping bag not required on lodge hunts.
Proper Footwear
Sneakers or camp shoes, warm weather waterproof hunting boots and cold weather waterproof hunting boots
Cool weather jacket, cold weather coat, light leather gloves, cold weather gloves, warm weather hat or cap, and cold weather hat or cap with earflaps
Warm weather pants & shirts, cold weather pants, shirts & sweaters, Polypropylene or thermax long johns, and plenty of wools socks & undergarmets
Rain Suit
Bring tops & bottoms
Light knee pads
For crawling / stalking
Frameless daypack
or fanny pack
Shower Supplies
Wash-clothes, soap, Wet-wipes, and towels
Swim Trunks
for hot springs / showers
Personal Items
Shaving kit, toothbrush, aspirin, sunscreen, chap-stick, etc.
Flashlight, camera, extra batteries, water bottles, binoculars, hunting knife compass, lighter, sunglasses
For hot drinks in the field
Hunting Licenses
Valid hunting license & conservation stamp issues by Wyoming Game & FIsh
For rifle hunts bring your rifle along with 2 boxes of ammunition
For archery hunts bring your bow along with 1 dozen hunting arrows and 1 dozen sharp hunting broad-heads
Hunter Safety Orange
Fluorescent orange hat and/or vest
Camouflage clothes, head net / face paint
For meat transportation